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HTS Finance contains well maintained and advanced infrastructure and specialists that potentially offering profitable investment sources and methods. We recognize the different needs of users and we have awesome investment plans to meet every users goal.

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As a user or an investor you need to click on sign up button. By filling up the registration form or sign up form you will get login credentials after the verification process from the HTS Finance.

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HTS Finance offers you various investment plans for all interested investors around the world. HTS Finance ensures the steady hourly interest for long run on your investments by unique strategies of experts.

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Earn more profit by investing in HTS Finance and join referral program to get benefited from generating references. As investor you can withdraw your earnings whenever you want


About The HTS Finance

We are HTS Finance , a New York-based company involved in cryptocurrency trading and mining. It's a very profitable business, and this kind of activity brings us a decent income. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency trading is not for the weak - hearted, the crypto markets are fast paced and volatile. There are risks in trading. Similarly, there are risks in mining. But, as Steve Jobs said, the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Our innovative approaches have attracted to us a number of top traders who demonstrate excellent long term performance. We also monitor the growing market of cryptocurrency, the list of the currencies used in work constantly extends. We invite you to join us on this journey! With investment support, we can not only expand our borders, but also increase returns. Time is valuable, but it is even more valuable on the cryptocurrency market. Do not waste your time, join us!

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We provide best and secured services. Safe and secured platform. We ensure that our platform is protected by highly secured and strong thirdparty interface using a worldwide data center.

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Investments Plans

HTS Finance is a responsible firm that enhances your investments by using modern technology and continuous monitoring of experts.

  • 4.2%
    After 4 Days
    Min: 100 USD  Max: 499 USD
    Principal Included   
    Instant Withdraw
  • 6.4%
    After 6 Days
    Min: 500 USD  Max: 999 USD
    Principal Included   
    Instant Withdraw
  • 8.6%
    After 8 Days
    Min: 1000 USD  Max: 4999 USD
    Principal Included   
    Instant Withdraw
  • 12%
    After 10 Days
    Min: 5000 USD  Max: Unlimited USD
    Principal Included   
    Instant Withdraw



Affiliate Program

In addition to your earnings on your deposit, you are able to share the investment opportunity within your community and earn more from their deposits. The more referral you given to HTS Finance, more commission you earn.


Latest Deposits

# Username Amount
1 ????? ?????? 2500
2 Mia Henry 50000
3 ????? ?????? 500
4 200
5 ????? ?????? 200
6 ????? ?????? 100
7 Art_am 15000
8 Emma Jessa 80000
9 ????? ?????? 103
10 ????? ?????? 100

Latest Withdrawals

# Username Amount
1 Mia Henry 25000
2 ????? ?????? 50
3 Emma Jessa 23500
4 Emma Jessa 15000
5 Emma Jessa 15000
6 Emma Jessa 5000
7 Emma Jessa 1500
8 Micheal 15600
9 Mariana Padro 13000
10 Kaveh Mo 20